Office Pets at sum.cumo: A day with Atze

Nowadays, it has long since ceased to be a rarity to encounter a somewhat different kind of colleague during your daily work in the office: Office Pets, especially dogs are popular. At sum.cumo, too, up to seven office dogs are a daily part of the overall picture. This not only fits in with our company culture and spirit writ large, but it also has proven positive effects for dog owners and colleagues. A day with office dog Atze:

In the morning, a pug with a wagging tail and cheerful eyes trudges through the fourth floor of our technology company on Schlump. Beforehand, Anna had already taken him to the park to tire him out. So far, there is no sign of that. First, all the colleagues are greeted expectantly and with panting tongues. Atze’s energy stores are still charged.

Agile is what we call it when dogs actively participate in life. Agile is also the way we work here. So it fits! Now, in summer, there are two small garden pools on the sunny roof terrace for cooling off – one for the colleagues and one for the dogs, and after an extended walk along the Isebek canal, which is within walking distance, the four-legged friends know how to cheer up the assembled colleagues. Off to the water, under the tables, to the legs: At lunch, things don’t get boring and Atze in the front row becomes entertainment factor number one. Then he quiets down, lies down on his cozy spot in his basket. Work starts again, but with a lot of joy. Not only at lunch, but also in between, he promotes exchange.

In the meantime, there is even a federal association for office dogs. Many companies point out in job advertisements that dogs are welcome in the workday. The approval among employees can be seen. According to the association, 85% of employees are of the opinion that an office dog is easy to integrate and a full 90% are of the opinion that the animal has a positive effect on the daily work routine.

That is why we at sum.cumo enjoy the companions of our everyday office life every day. With Atze, Lea, Irma, Louis, Elfie, Lili and Niunia, we experience on a daily basis the positive effect that four-legged friends have on the way we work and the way our colleagues live together. Office dogs promote communication, avoid quarrels and stressful situations, and bring variety into everyday life. That’s how we imagine work to be!

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