The digitalization engine for insurance and lottery companies.

sum.cumo Sapiens stands for the successful, integrated digitalization of traditional business models. Our locations in Hamburg and Dusseldorf offer companies in the lottery and insurance sectors disruptive innovations and customer-centric solutions based on the latest technologies. With the guidance and support of our specialists in Consulting, User Experience, Frontend Development, Backend Development and Marketing, the success of each project is ensured from initial conception to final execution.

sum.cumo sets new standards

With the ever-shifting online behaviors and constantly increasing expectations of today’s consumers, companies are presented with huge challenges. Often having only a rudimentary awareness of what is needed for an optimal solution, and faced by a huge array of possible technical solutions, any organization can be quickly overwhelmed. For those who want to be technologically prepared for tomorrow’s agile reality, but also want to maintain their core customer focus while striving towards low operating costs and a high level of innovation, the expectation is hefty investment costs and a complicated orchestration of multiple service providers. Many companies can be defeated by the complexity of such a task. Not so at sum.cumo, with our ability to assemble highly agile interdisciplinary teams for the implementation and operation of digital business models in the lottery and insurance sectors. These teams work so closely with the client, it’s as if they too were on the crew. Our teams consist of specialists who possess not only all the necessary technical skills, but also a deep knowledge of the industry within which the project is embedded. Furthermore, having software based on open-source components means lower upfront costs while ensuring an enviable time-to-market schedule.

The excellent outcomes of our diverse projects have shown that innovations in digital business models can be implemented quickly, on budget, and with great success. And of course: working together with you is also a lot of fun for us.

sum.cumo was founded by Björn Freter in 2010, with Ingolf Putzbach taking up management duties in 2016. The company has expanded rapidly since its inception and has stayed consistently profitable. The continuous growth of sum.cumo is based not least on the disruptive successes of our customers, with whom we remain strategic partners into the digital future.

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